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I always apply coconut oil before bleaching my hair, from a lot of personal experience I've noticed it helps to protect my hair and leave it way softer after bleaching than it would be if I didn't use it. I know it's bad for you and i should go to a professional, but I'm still going to do it my self and I already know the risks. To start, I carefully melted coconut oil in a saucepan (on low heat, to avoid burning it) until it melted into a clear liquid. I am also someone who does NOT have a pixie cut, since it seems like most redditors who do a high lift already have short hair. I was thinking of bleaching my hair a little in order to bring the highlights further up and have been googling how to's in order to figure out the best way to do it. It does not decrease saturation. Applied topically or ingested, there are literally dozens of different benefits when using coconut oil. For the best results, warm the coconut oil so it takes on a … Even if you’re hitting the salon for bleach, you still might want to consider prepping with coconut oil ($15, Amazon). This oil improves your hair after bleaching. I'm definitely going to keep up with this technique. Coconut oil is definitely a game-changer when it comes to coloring your hair, especially if you’re bleaching it. Start with 2 times per week for the first week and then 1 time per week afterward. I bleached it three times last year to go blue, in the fall had to go back to brown, and now I want to go light purple. I always do a mask about a week before I bleach or just dye my hair in order to avoid damaging it too much. Find me on insta! When you bleach your hair, you end up stripping some of the proteins that help to protect and nourish the strands. Don’t worry about your hair is a bit dirty – bleach won’t care. After a devoted search, I came across coconut oil as a treatment for dry hair. I would coat my hair in it for 60 minutes before applying the lightener, then just go about business as usual. I'm a newb professional - but I can't imagine the coconut oil doing anything in this scenario. The only down side is with that oil coating your hair you may find the bleach will not lift enough or be a bit spotty. Use a protein packet treatment, argan oil treatment or Aussie 3 Minute Miracle for a good "quick fix". Don’t wash your hair for 2-3 days before bleaching. Using coconut oil for hair promises to slowly but surely restore the health of your scalp and locks. Dry processing involves drying coconut meat to create kernels, pressing them to … We talk about Coconut oil all the time. Is that okay? After reading this post I looked into bleaching with coconut oil in your hair. TREATMENT AFTER Coconut oil protects your hair to a certain extent. All of their products contain keratin, and I feel like my hair feels just as good, if not BETTER than when I would self-lighten with coconut oil. I was lifted to a level 11 with lemon peek-a-boos. In doing so, you leave your hair lifeless, dull, and brittle. Coconut oil is great for repairing dry, damaged or dyed hair. Coconut oil, in particular, is non-fragrant plant oil that's full of fatty acids, like linoleic acid and lauric acid (more on what those are and how they work for the skin below. today I'm showing you how to use coconut oil on hair! You're applying a caustic chemical to your hair that will and is intended to eat through anything. My hair doesn't feel any different than before I bleached and dyed it. :) Good luck! I think it can handle another 20 vol bleach, but I had a dream last night that I melted my hair off, so I'm trying to be as careful as possible. I don't think you should have anything in your hair before bleaching or dying. I heard that coating hair in coconut oil and then bleaching over that helps protect from damage... Is that true? After reading this post I looked into bleaching with coconut oil in your hair. I shampooed my hair to get the bleach and oil out, and then put in my color. Coconut oil can be produced through dry or wet processing. I was in your shoes about a year ago when I started lifting my hair color. Honestly I love it, and I recommend it to everyone who asks me how I lifted my hair while managing to keep it looking "healthy". Yes, You should put oil in your hair before bleaching because it will beneficial for your hair nourishment and softness. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I did two soap caps last month but its still not light enough. We feel a bit obliged to add just one more thing to that mile-long list of benefits the oil has because this one is a doozy. What surprises me is that actual hair professionals don't know about this brilliant characteristic of coconut, I have my bleach highlights done at the salon and when I turned up with oiled hair my hairdresser … That’s right, you heard me! Ha! There are plenty of options for dental bleaching available from laser whitening at the dentist to home bleaching kits. My hair doesn't feel any different than before I bleached and dyed it. The point of using coconut oil while bleaching is because it's a thick coating that is meant to protect the hair. You will still need to treat your hair nicely and condition it. I decided to give it a try when bleached my hair last weekend, and it was amazing! Is it okay to put like coconut oil or argan oil in my hair before bleaching it or will it cause the hair to process the bleach correctly? I put more on before toning or dying my hair too. I have lifted my hair both with a coconut oil treatment, and without. Many people will describe their hair as “fried” in such instances. Honestly for me it is a night and day difference - the coconut oil REALLY helps save the "life" of my hair after lifting. @haileyharberfit (warning- lots of bikini pics) Thumbnail pic is what color looks like when done. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Particularly because it is a superior oil and is very healthy for your hair, skin and even your body when taken internally. Blend together and wear in your clean, dry hair for 30 minutes. Coconut Oil is definitely good to use before a bleach session because YES it protects your scalp from getting irritated by the bleach. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Coconut oil is an all natural beauty miracle for beauty and health. I have NEVER had my hair feel this healthy while lifting my hair so extreme in such a short amount of time. I do find the masks strip the color just a little bit, so that's why I wait until I am about to redo it. Online hair blogs rave about using coconut oil to protect your hair from the harsh bleach that can strip hair of its healthy bounce. It's still way better than bleaching by itself. Applying coconut oil before bleaching your hair helps to build up natural oils in your hair that serves as a protector from bleach and other harsh chemicals that are often used in hair bleaching chemicals. I've started doing this and it really does work wonders. What do I do? But, adding coconut oil to the process can leave hair feeling soft, supple and more healthier. I did two coconut oil treatments two weeks before I planned to bleach by melting the coconut oil and liberally spreading it over my head. This help repair the hair from the inside out, prevent further damage and vastly improves hair shine. Most noticeably the day or two after the process. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! My hair is currently a darkish, splotchy, brassy pink. I dye it with a semi every few months, but those are not damaging since they are only depositing color. Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids like lauric acid also; the molecular structure of coconut oil does more than coat hair. I recently dyed my ombre highlights turqoise using Manic Panic. The word “wash” is misleading — when you apply the coconut oil on your hair, it should still be on your hair when the bleach is applied. I would recommend a few hair masks to bring in moisture and probably protein before you start this. I was also recently a model for Keratin Complex for a hair show - a copy model for their "lemon" fruit-based color campaign. The only thing putting coconut oil on my hair has ever done has prevented the bleach from lightening my hair as much as it should which was exceptionally annoying as it meant I had to do a second round of bleach when it should have only taken one.. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Using coconut oil decreases the risks described above. Also if I missed a few spots during the process will it be noticeable when I pay the color over the lightened hair? Hi! I am bleaching my hair to a platinum blonde. Make a mask at home by mixing any combination of coconut oil, olive oil, yoghurt, honey, bananas, avocadoes, and egg. In the morning I brushed it out and added the bleach. I know a lot of people for coconut oil on their hair when bleaching to prevent some damage. Before applying the bleaching products to your hair, you should apply coconut oil, if possible organic, 100% natural coconut oil. Hey guys! It even speeds up the bleaching process and help prevent burning and itching. The day I was going to bleach I stayed home and doused my hair in coconut oil again and put on a shower cap. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HaircareScience community. 3.3.16 Coconut oil is a natural chelating agent, reducing iron and copper production which happens when you use bleach/peroxide on your hair. If you want to put oils on your hair, mix them into the bleach but even then I doubt it'll do much. So, bleach takes away from the hair and coconut oil is there to protect it. As for being a bit oily – that’s actually a benefit so don’t worry about it either; Use oils such as coconut oil, argan oils, avocado, and others. [SEE ALSO: 6 Tips For Going Blonde Without Going Bald] So, if you are thinking about coloring your hair for the summer, try adding this wonder oil to your coloring regimen. DIY Hair Mask is such a great idea because you can pick the ingredients you need. I did one with egg, banana, coconut oil, and vinegar this weekend. Wish Id known about this wonder product when I first started bleaching. I am not sure where you can get your hands on the product, but if you manage to find it I would definitely give it a try! Gather all of your supplies This subreddit aims to provide resources for achieving better hair quality through scientific research in trichology, physiology, chemistry, and biology. Today I'm sharing with you a battle of the hair treatments: OLAPLEX VS COCONUT OIL. One blog I read insisted on "slathering" my hair with virgin coconut oil before bleaching, is there something to this? By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies.Learn More. You will get so many bi-polar opinions on if you should do it or not do it. I decided to give it a try when bleached my hair last weekend, and it was amazing! Coconut oil has saved my hair from so much damage. I only have refined. It lifted my color a lot quicker than usual - and even lighter than I had ever seen it. My FIRST beauty tutorial! Last time I bleached my hair was about 9 months ago, I'm trying to wait a year if I can. This is because of its low molecular weight and straight linear chain structure, which reduces the protein loss for both undamaged and damaged hair. I'm planning on doing red, blue, or purple. I happen to be allergic to coconut oil so using it would not do any good. Here it is: step by step, how to apply coconut oil to your hair before bleaching it. 1. It's ridiculous how manageable my hair is now. I have tried this more times than I can count, and it works every time, so I can vouch.) I then slept on it. it is a little damaged. My hair never felt mushy. Save yourself tears and do a test strand. PLEASE wait at least a week before attempting another bleach bath. Coconut oil’s properties allow it to penetrate hair in ways that other oils are not able to, which is why some people notice amazing results relatively quickly when using coconut oil for hair. I would recommend running a search through r/FancyFollicles, as I found a lot of other information there relating to this subject. It completely changed my hair. Using it and leaving it on for an hour or two just prior to bleaching can protect your hair and have it looking more luscious than ever. wavy,dirty blonde/light brown with highlights, longish. I coated my hair with the coconut oil the night before and stuck it in a bun and a plastic bag over night. A few questions. Warm them up, apply them and leave them on without washing them off. New to FancyFollicles and crazy hair colors. This was my 2nd attempt at getting platinum roots. I use coconut oil when bleaching too, works wonders My hair owes Ktani and her coconut oil advice lot! How to apply coconut oil to your hair in 3 steps Coconut oil comes into the equation well before the bleaching process. Implement the coconut oil treatment starting from the second week after bleaching. Also ... keep in mind this is reddit. Bleaching can ruin your hair softness, shine, and movement so you should protect your hair by using coconut oil. I coated my hair with the coconut oil the night before and stuck it in a bun and a plastic bag over night. On to the actual bleaching. Also, Coconut oil has ability to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. When you use coconut oil before bleaching your hair, the coconut oil adds to the natural oils in your hair to protect your scalp (because you should be bleaching hair that has not been washed in a day or two anyways). (Yes - you keep the coconut oil on your hair while applying the bleach. Applying the oil after the bleaching is done, might be too late. I'm bleaching my hair in an attempt to go lilac. Moral of the story - if you are nervous, go to a professional! Olaplex itself is not a lightener, but a bond multiplier. [6] X Research source For best results, start this routine as soon as you know you are going to bleach your hair, and maintain it after you have bleached. Sleep in it the night before. Apply coconut oil before bed The next step is to prep your hair for coloring by applying coconut oil such as the OKAY 100% Pure Coconut Oil For All Hair Textures the night before your bleaching or coloring session. It is way worth it in the end, as you know you will get the results you want.

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